Monday, August 03, 2015

Mobile Library Project Donation Information

ML logo compressed"Viajemos Leyendo - Journey through Reading" 

In 2015 the Perez Zeledon International Women's Club (PZIWC) started a new community service project ~ a Mobile Library ~ 'La Biblioteca Movil' for primary schools in Perez Zeledon.  Our vision is to develop a mobile library, to promote the love of reading and provide opportunities for children to read and tell stories. The service started with six selected rural primary schools and will expand as the book collection grows and our capacity develops.

We need a wide variety of books to meet the different needs and interests of children under 12 years of age – Facts, Fun or Fiction! You can help us by donating new or used Spanish language books, or by making a cash donation. Your cash donations will be used to purchase new books. The service will be delivered by PZIWC members and at no cost to participating schools.

To make a book donation, please send to:

Oficinas de Summerland

600m este entrada Pacuarito

Camino la Playa Dominical

Edificio blanco 2 pisos

Alto San Juan

San Isidro del General 11901

Perez Zeledon, San Jose, Costa Rica



To make a cash donation ,

Perez Zeledon International Women's Club, Registered No: 3 002 658519

If making a deposit or transfer for our Mobile Library Project, please ask your bank to include this information so your donation may be identified promptly ~ thank you

NB : cheques or wire transfers must be made out to the Club's Spanish title, Asociación Internacional de Mujeres de Pérez Zeledon, not to Perez Zeledon Internaional Women's Club

To send donations / make a payment transfer, instruct you bank to use the following route:

Intermediary Bank:

The Bank of New York

New York, New York, USA

ABA: 021000018


For credit to:

Scotiabank CR

Account number: 803-338-3577

San José, Costa Rica


IBAN: CR00130008370012

For final credit to:

Asociación Internacional de Mujeres de Pérez Zeledon

Personeria Juridica Un: 3 002 658519

Scotia Bank, San Isidro del General, Perez Zeledon

Dollar account number: 13000837001

SINPE transfer number: 12300130008370012

CR Colon account number: 13000837000

SINPE transfer number: 12300130008370006

note again - cheques or wire transfers must be made out to the Club's Spanish title above, not to Perez Zeledon Internaional Women's Club

Thanks in advance for all your support in this project. We will be making difference in the lives of these children.


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