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Monthly Meetings

The second Tuesday of every month the PZIWC gets together at a different restaurant / venue for a luncheon meeting. We try to select locations throughout Pérez Zeledón so that members can get familiar with different communities. These meeting are a time for socializing with friends, welcoming new members and guests, sharing information, discussing club business and oftentimes a special presentation.

Some of the most interesting past meetings have included:

  • Boruca Indian Art of Dying and Weaving sponsored by Jayme Wills
  • Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture by John Blue, MOAM
  • Garden Walk at Jardin de Orquidias Bonita hosted by Lilliam Quesada Mora
  • Introduction to Tai Chi Chai by Anita Vestal
  • First Aid in the Jungle by Dorothy Windsor, RN, BEd, BScN
  • Fortune Telling and Tarrot Cards (Giggles) by Madame Wazername from Sloba Aloverya (aka member Tandra Thorbeck!)
  • Christmas Hat contest
  • History of Quebradas at the Community Center at Quinta Leiva Calderon

The Social Committee plans the meetings and menus offering several meal choices, and an invitation is sent out 10 days prior. A reservation is necessary to notify the restaurant / caterer in advance.

Meetings start promptly at 11.30 AM, but members are asked to arrive at 11.00 a.m. to sign in and pay for their meal. If a member had made a reservation but is unable to attend, it is important that they notify the Social Chairman, otherwise they risk being charged for the cost of the meal.

We look forward to each meeting as a time of friendship and support for our local community of English speaking women who have come to this country from all over the world. Whether you are a permanent or part year resident, or a visitor, our club offers you a range of activities and a network of support to enhance your experience of life in Pérez Zeledón.

We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you to our next meeting!

Games Day

Are you a GAME PLAYER, casual or competitive?  The Pérez Zeledón International Women's Club sponsors Games Day the fourth Tuesday of every month, held at a local Restaurant. No registration required. No fees required. Watch the website calendar for specific dates and locations.

Players meet around 11:00 AM with informal game selection and seating. Scrabble, Rummykin, UNO are the usual board / card games. But if you have a favorite game that you think others might enjoy, bring it along. Over the next 3 hours members and guests share laughs, stories, information, and lunch! 




Are you interested in nature? Do you love to take long walks in the company of friends? Would you like to get to know different natural areas of Pérez Zeledón? Come join the WALKERS of the Pérez Zeledón International Women's Club the third Tuesday of every month.

Each month the group selects a different locale where there are plants and birds of interest, and the walk is generally not too difficult. The walkers meet around 9AM and the hike takes about 2-3 hours. Everyone packs a lunch to enjoy afterwards in a natural setting.

Make sure you wear your insect repellent, sunscreen and appropriate shoes and clothing. 

Rambler Information will be posted in the Upcoming Events section and announced at monthly meetings. No advance registration is required. We encourage car pooling and will announce a location to meet in town. 

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