PZIWC Mission and Vision

Our Mission and our Vision

Although our dual mission is self-evident, we realize that women in our English speaking community in San Isidro have different needs, different interests, and different expectations. We all seek our own kind of Pura Vida, but how do we achieve it?

For many women, its not the volume of things to do that matter, its more about the choices available to add quality and richness to their lives. Some need opportunities for creativity, some come for the great outdoors and the wonderful nature of Costa Rica. Some are keen to use their past professional or life skills to good effect, while others seek out ways to contribute to their local Tico community.

Our Club can not provide or organize all the activities that might interest its current and future members. What it can do provide is the opportunity for women to get together, to exchange ideas and information, and to find like-minded friends with whom to take their new life journey. In essence, it's about different women, at different times, doing different things in different ways. Whatever we do, we will strive to develop a Club that enables its members to care, share and collaborate as we all pursue the Pura Vida in our new community.


Help us in developing variety; join in and add to the bubbles.

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